What is Call back?

With a callback facility like we offer, you can make cheap calls from your mobile to other destinations. So, also if you only have a prepaid telephone with no money on it, you can use this. You can use call back when you (or our administrator) added a CLI from the number you want to use for call back to the system. For adding a CLI to your account, look here and check CLI settings.

When you want to use callback, you have to dial the number 0031546713143. caller ID should be on!! Our system gets the call request, and will refuse the call. Our system did recognize your number, and will verify against the CLI’s.

The call-in did not costs you anything, for it was refused, it only did ring. If your number is in the CLI system, you will be called back by our system after about 5 secs. “this call will be coming from your own account on our server, as caller ID you will see the number you used to dial our system. You now will hear a voice saying you can dial the number of the destination you want to call, and end with a #”

The connection to your destination will be made.“The costs for such callback call will be for 2 lines: 1: from server to your used mobile, and from server to your destination. When you want to make a call from your mobile to another country, then this option is always cheaper then using you regular mobile connection. We change no extra calling costs for the use of callback.”

Callback and a flatratebundle
When you have a flatratebundle, also callback calls will be deducted in this bundle, so even more cheap to call! when the bundle is used, the normal rates will be charged.

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