Can everybody apply for a connection at Elvero?
Yes, when age is 18 or older, and when a good internet connection available

Is every internet connection suitable for calling with Elvero?
“Yes, normally it is. Some people want to keep using their old analog phone, then sometimes modems are not completely correct for our system to programme for a number.
In all cases: when you have a modem with a free LAN port, you always can use the Siemens C610. That always works.”

Do I get a new telephone number when I start calling with Elvero?
You can choose: we can port the number you use now, or we get you a new number.

what dialling code i have to use?
In the Elvero Telecom system you always have to dial the area code, even if you are in that area. Best is to use the international number format, with country code etc. Then you always dial correct. It is wise to store all contact numbers in your phonebook in international format

can I get more than one connection?
Yes, you can get as many connections in your account as you want. All connected devices can call with your account and caller ID, only there can be only one device that will ring on an incoming call. If you request, we can make a routing for you that all the devices will ring, and who takes the call first will be connected.

can I take my number with me when i move?
Yes you can, or apply for a new number.

what are the costs when I call someone who also is client at Elvero Telecom?
These calls are free of charge, you can call as long as you want for free.

Can I get a foreign (not Dutch Number)
“Yes you can, only we have to apply for you. In some countries there are restrictions like you have to live there, or there is higher payments than in the Netherlands.
We always inform you up front for that.”

Can I use my number on vacation?
Yes you can. You can for instance make an account on your Smartphone to use on vacation, or install a softphone on your laptop. Elvero Telecom also has a few WIFI telephones that you can rent for vacation. These phones are to be used directly on the WIFI of your camping or hotel.

Can I call with my smartphone with Elvero?
Yes you can. In most smartphones you can download a sip application to be used. we can provide some information about that.

Can i fax with my Elvero account?
You can fax, but we cannot guarantee a correct connection for that. Elvero Telecom is mainly for voice connections.

Can i call to 112?
No, 112 is not to be used by Elvero Telecom. Providers are trying to solve this problem somewhere end of the year 2012.

Can everybody use callback?
yes, every client has free use of callback

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