Telephone numbers in the Netherlands and other countries.

Elvero Telecom can provide different kind of numbers. In the Netherlands, normally they are geographical numbers. The government requires. In special cases we also can provide you a non geographical number (internet number). Then no registration is needed.

For a geographical number ( areacode is your residence), we need all personal data to check if you really live at that address.this information will be under the law of privacy. Elvero will perform this check.

Elvero also can port the number you use now. Porting costs 20 euro, and takes for about 14 days.

Internet numbers in the Netherlands start with 085/087/088

The costs for maintain the numbers you have, is in the abonnement that Elvero charges. If you want an extra number, we will charge you € 2,00 per month extra.

In special cases Elvero also can provide numbers in other countries. The costs for these numbers do differ, but we can make an offer to you for that.

Some other countries the Netherlands also require an address information, so only people living in that country can have a fix number.
We always inform you up front what standards a country has, and what the costs will be. When you end your contract with Elvero, all given numbers will be falling back to Elvero. If you move to another city, we can provide you a new number, or you have to take your old number with you .

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