Why Elvero?

Because of the extreme low rates, the easy to use (call back) the quality and the simplicity. All in all: cheap and easy, reliable and trustable. At our website you get access to different service of Elvero.

On the different pages there will be subjects to make the use of your telephone connection easier. You can get direct access to your personal pages in the system where you can change personal settings, as well as call divert, make a short dial phonebook, create CLI’s (for call back) etc.

We also added a few subcription pages where you can apply for services, bring in new clients, equipment like phones, extra fix number, extra account and more.

Please look around a bit on our website,  if you have any comments, suggestions the please mail us at info@elvero.nl we will take all comments serious and reply to you what we do with your information.

To log on to your personal pages click here for the log on screen. Do you want to register as a new client, then please go to the register page directly.

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