“The Siemens C610IP is a high class wireless telephone device with a very high standard of voice quality. You can connect multiple handsets, and also have multiple (up to 6) accounts with numbers connected. You can set each number to another handset, or make handsets ring on the numbers you want.

The handset has a color screen, and is easy to use to take a second call, or make a conference call.”

  • The Siemens C610 can be connected to any modem with a LAN connection..
  • connect up to 6 handsets
  • more than one telephone number per handset possible
  • HDSP techniques are used.
  • hands free calling possible.
  • caller ID and a phonebook up to 150 contacts
  • News, weather and other info available by ticker tape.

You can order the Siemens C610 as a customer here. We will deliver the device completely installed for you, so plug and play and call…. The price for clients is € 92,95 exl. VAT. Are you not a client of Elvero, then you still can order, but the price is the normal consumer price: € 125,00 incl. VAT

Customers also can use a rental-buy offer for 1 or 2 year contract

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